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The Mitguards

The Mitguards


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The Mitguards

The Mitguards

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Bio - The Mitguards

Chris and Deb Mitguard have been playing music throughout the west for over 20 years.  Known for their wicked banter, tight harmonies, and carefully crafted compositions, The Mitguardsí original songs span a myriad of styles. Says Bill Reed of the Colorado Springs Gazette, ďIn his (Chrisí) songwriting, Mitguard resists the urge to turn roots music into a reach for some mythical, idyllic past, and goes for a more relevant and immediate impact."  Chrisís fluid guitar is complemented by Debís unique and charming mandolin and accordion. The Mitguards are constantly expanding and stretching their musical repertoire, striving to balance familiar favorites with fresh, new material. 

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